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Exclusive Inverness Release on Kickstarter!

Exclusive Inverness Release on Kickstarter!

June 06, 2018

We have some exciting news! The long awaited release of our second watch design, the Inverness, has finally come! We are exclusively releasing pre-orders for the Inverness on Kickstarter!  Link to view - 

We are offering special pre-order pricing to all Kickstarter backers.  How do I become I backer you may ask?

Step 1. click this link

Step 2. Pick the reward tier on the right side that you would like

Step 3. (the tough one) be patient and wait till July (only next month) for the survey to pick your color and your watch will be shipped for FREE!!

Want to start a wholesale account? We have a reward setup for you also, check the reward all the way on the bottom of the campaign page.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at